Hello and welcome to www.vapingisitsafe.com On this site we discuss the types of (alternative smoking aids) electric cigarettes out there, if its safe to vape and the hazards of smoking versus vaping. We cover what the medical community say and the most recent news reports are available on our 'Blog' page along with our live twitter feed news. The best UK suppliers and special discounts are available as banner links on our 'How do I start' page.  The option for you to ask any questions you may have is available to you on our 'Community' forum page, in short we're here for you !

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With so many battery powered devices popping up on the market everyday, choosing the right devise for you to stop smoking that delivers nicotine as an alternative to tobacco cigarette can be a daunting challenge, but is it safe to vape ? what are you inhaling? what is the liquid  you 'vape' made of...

Many questions that should be asked can be forgotten once the decision is made to stub out the smelly dog end and open the door to 'vaping' as a new healthier alternative to smoking or a stop smoking aid for the short term.

Firstly - I think its important to state this site is independent and is here only to provide a background of knowledge and the information you need to make the transition from cigarettes to electronic cigarette (e-cig ) commonly referred to as 'vaping' not smoking.

The aims of this website - are to keep things simple and avoid confusion, mainly so your transition to vaping is done with ease in order to improve your lifestyle.

National and international e-cigarette / vape-pen / Hooka pipe suppliers alike state their products are a new, safer alternative to smoking that allow you to vape virtually anywhere. The company says its products are only filled with a vapor and contain "no smoke, no tar, and no carcinogens." (more info available later in this site)

When you vape a nicotine liquid - you will find the experience similar to that of smoking, but since you’re not burning anything (but vaporizing it), you wont get the tar and carcinogens associated with tobacco products. Just nicotine and basically water vapor.

So to find out more on 'is it safe' to vape or 'how to switch' from smoking to vaping or 'how do I start' vaping an e'cig or to chat to others and ask your own questions on our 'community forum' Simply use the menu bar above and become 'smoke free'

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